Custom Made Access Panels

Custom Made Access Panels are our specialty, we have the technical expertise to manufacture any custom panel to suit your requirements or application. We have a variety of base materials, lock and hinge options.

Max Security 1000 x 800

Max Security
1000mm x 800mm

Double Door Panel

Premium Metal
Double Door

Build Your Own Premium MDF

Premium MDF
Build Your Own

Flanged Edge 60mm

Premium MDF with
60mm Flanged Edge

50mm Flange, 730mm x 460mm

50mm Flanged Edge
730mm x 460mm

Build Your Own Premium Metal

Premium Metal
Build Your Own

Stainless Steel 300 x 300

Stainless Steel
300mm x 300mm

Double Door Panel 3 Sides

3 Sided / Double Door
3220mm x 400mm

Stainless Steel 1500 x 1200

Stainless Steel
1500mm x 1200mm

3 Sided Set Bead Panel

3 Sided Access Panel
Set Bead Edge

For most custom access panels the manufacturing time is 10 business days from order receipt. This is only an estimate as there may be an increase in lead times depending on the panel requirements or during peak times.

To Order A Custom Access Panel… | (03) 9798 7211
Build your own Premium MDF | Build your own Premium Metal