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Bio Hazard Access Panels

Bio Hazard Access Panel Front
Bio Hazard Access Panel Back

Bio Hazard Access Panels

$558.98$837.82 incl. GST

Standard Sizes – Bio Hazard Access Panels
300mm x 300mm $558.98 ea (inc. GST)
450mm x 450mm $647.59 ea (inc. GST)
600mm x 600mm $837.82 ea (inc. GST)
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Supplied with the following features

  • Bio Hazard Access Panels are best for applications that require strict contaminant free access panels, such as operating theatres, laboratories, IVF facilities and clean rooms.
  • Sealed Frame with Silicon Gasket and Foam Tape.
  • Safety Chains.
  • Powder Coated.
  • H-Locks Including Caps.
  • AMEC Approved.

Flanged Edge

(approx. 20mm architrave) for installation into finished walls or ceilings.

Product Options

Bio Hazard Access Panel Caps
Bio Hazard Access Panel Edge
Bio Hazard Access Panel Chain
Custom Options Available

Custom Options Available

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ACP300FL-BIO Bio Hazard Access Panel. 300 x 300. Flanged Edge.
ACP450FL-BIO Bio Hazard Access Panel. 450 x 450. Flanged Edge.
ACP600FL-BIO Bio Hazard Access Panel. 600 x 600. Flanged Edge.

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