Custom Metal Access Panels

Custom Metal Access Panels

Build your own premium metal panel in just a few simple steps.

Your access panel will come standard with the following features:

Subframe and lid manufactured from 1.2mm zinc coated mild steel, Concealed Pin Hinge System, Etched Prime Painted Finish. Lock options.
We only use the highest quality materials.

Before you get started view these custom metal guidelines…
Extra 10mm
The hole/cut out size required is approx 10mm larger than the access panel size.

i.e. A 400mm x 400mm panel requires
a hole/cut out size of 410mm x 410mm.

Custom Metal 35mm Depth
Make sure to allow for appropriate clearance in relation to the depth.

The depth is approx 35mm for a premium metal access panel.

Accessible Area
The through/clear access area is less than the actual access panel size.
Flanged Edge is 20mm LESS.
Set Bead Edge is 40mm LESS.

Step 1: Enter Your Panel Width and Length in 10mm Increments

  • Min: 300Max: 800

  • Min: 300Max: 1200

Step 2: Choose Your Edge Type

Step 3: Choose Your Lock Type

An 'Extra Lock' and 'Safety Chain' is required and added to any panel which has any edge measuring 650mm or more.

Step 4: Choose Your Hinge Location

Step 5: Additional Information (Optional)

Step 6: I understand the guidelines above

For most custom access panels the manufacturing time is 10 business days from order receipt. This is only an estimate as there may be an increase in lead times depending on the panel requirements or during peak times. If your order is time sensitive please Contact Us and we will do our best to accommodate you.