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Floor Standing

  • 19 Inch Floor Rack Cabinets Removable Sides
  • Cable Management
  • 19 Inch Floor Rack Cabinets
  • 19 Inch Floor Rack Cabinets
  • 19 Inch Floor Rack Cabinets Removable Sides
  • Cable Management
  • 19 Inch Floor Rack Cabinets
  • 19 Inch Floor Rack Cabinets




Floor Standing Cabinets

Comfab floor standing 600mm wide 19” data cabinets are available in a variety of sizes. Packed with features and extras including roof fan ventilation, top and bottom cable entry provisions, vertical cable trays, adjustable feet, castors, shelves & cage nuts. These cabinets represent exceptional value for money whilst maintaining the high standard of workmanship customers have come to expect from a Comfab cabinet. These cabinets come completely assembled in standard configuration that includes front tempered glass lockable door that can be RH or LH hinge, rear metal lockable door and removable side panels with provision for locks. An optional vented front door configuration is available defined by the letter “V” at the end of the part number.


Part NoDescription
IMP-6618 18RU 600Wx600Dx980H Cabinet C/W glass door
IMP-6618V 18RU 600Wx600Dx980H Cabinet C/W vented door
IMP-6627 27RU 600Wx600Dx1380H Cabinet C/w glass door
IMP-6627V 27RU 600Wx600Dx1380H Cabinet C/w vented door
IMP-6637 37RU 600Wx600Dx1825H Cabinet c/w glass door
IMP-6637V 37RU 600Wx600Dx1825H Cabinet C/w vented door
IMP-6642 42RU 600Wx600Dx2045H Cabinet C/w glass door
IMP-6642V 42RU 600Wx600Dx2045H Cabinet C/w vented door
IMP-6645 45RU 600Wx600Dx2100H Cabinet c/w glass door
IMP-6647 47RU 600Wx600Dx2200H Cabinet c/w glass door
IMP-6818 18RU 600Wx800Dx980H Cabinet C/W glass door
IMP-6827 27RU 600Wx800Dx1380H Cabinet C/w glass door
IMP-6837 37RU 600Wx800Dx1825H Cabinet C/w glass door
IMP-6837V 37RU 600Wx800Dx1825H Cabinet C/w vented door
IMP-6842 42RU 600Wx800Dx2045H cabinet c/w glass door
IMP-6842V 42RU 600Wx800Dx2045H Cabinet C/w vented door
IMP-6845 45RU 600Wx800Dx2100H Cabinet c/w glass door
IMP-6847 47RU 600Wx800Dx2200H Cabinet c/w glass door
IMP-6847V 47RU 600WX800Dx2200H Cabinet c/w vented door
IMP-6937 37RU 600Wx 960Dx1825H Cabinet C/W glass door
IMP-6937V 37RU 600Wx960Dx1825H Cabinet C/w vented door
IMP-6942 42RU 600Wx960Dx2045H cabinet c/w glass door
IMP-6942V 42RU 600Wx960Dx2045H Cabinet C/w vented door
IMP-6945 45RU 600Wx960Dx2100H cabinet c/w glass door
IMP-6947 47RU 600WX960DX2200H Cabinet c/w glass door
IMP-6947V 47RU 600WX960DX2200H Cabinet c/w vented door

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