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Burwood Brickworks Garden Apartments

Burwood Brickworks is a sustainable development that is committed to reducing its environmental impact and promoting sustainable living practices. It features various innovative eco-friendly features such as solar power, rainwater harvesting and energy-efficient appliances. Also, using sustainable materials such as recycled timber and low-emission paints to reduce the development’s carbon footprint further. The Garden Apartments are designed to provide residents with a beautiful, green living environment that is energy-efficient and eco-friendly. This a prime example of how sustainable design and urban living can coexist to create a more sustainable future.
Burwood Brickworks Garden Apartments

Access Panels Supplied

Budget Metal and Perforated

Project Details

Builder: Hacer Group
Architect: Rothelowman Architects
Location: 22-24 Foundation Blvd Burwood East, Victoria, Australia
Project Value: $30 Million AUD

Photo of Burwood Brickworks by Victor Lu on Unsplash